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How To Pray For The Salvation of Your Friends | FITC57

Have you ever thought of God’s reputation being “on the line?” I never have. But surprisingly the Bible actually talks a great deal about this. When Moses pleaded with God not to wipe out Israel after they had totally blown it by worshipping a false god, Moses appealed to God’s reputation (Genesis 32:12). He effectively said, “God if you wipe out the people what kind of reputation will you have among the pagan nations?”

Today, we’re not accustomed to praying this way. We don’t think twice about God’s reputation or we don’t think we need to consider it. After all, God is, well, God and we’re not. He’s in control. That’s true. But it’s also true that God desires for us to pray, particularly in matters of evangelism. In this week’s message, Pastor Jonathan challenged Redeemer to pray on behalf of others and say, “God, your name is on the line, save these people.”

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Preaching the Gospel to Yourself | FITC 56

Does fear keep you from sharing your faith with your friends? If so, you are not alone. When it comes to sharing faith, the statistics for average church goes isn’t very good. So what is the problem? That is the question in this week’s message. While it is true that the West has a “cultural aversion to conversion,” that doesn’t keep us from evangelizing our friends with our favorite products or services. Business experts still say “word of mouth” is still the best form of advertising. That’s because we trust our friends but despise institutions. But for some reason, our faith is different. Insecurity, fear, and doubt creep in when we talk about our faith. And the reason for it, at some level, we don’t fully believe the Gospel ourselves.

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Renewing Your Mind – God’s Requirement To Work On Your Thinking | FITC55

Most challenges we face each day occur in our minds. Life certainly presents its fair share of developments requiring us to think about “what to do.” But if our mind is a mess, then how we react will be affected to the degree of our mental health. That’s why Paul’s statement in Romans 12 is so important. After writing seven chapters on the role of faith and forgiveness under God, he shocks us with the following words: “Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind” (Romans 12:2). What is the Apostle Paul teaching us? In this episode, Dr. Jonathan G. Smith explains that as Christians the encouragement here is a call to actively work to improve the way we think about God, ourselves, and others.

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What Do Reformational Anglicans Believe About Election? | FITC54

Predestination and election are challenging doctrines for most believers. But when they are approached through the lens of scripture, they can lead to deeper truths about God’s passion for humanity. Unfortunately, there are a lot of opinions about Election, even among Anglicans. So what do Classic Anglicans actually believe about the doctrine of Election? To answer this question, Pastor Jonathan examines Romans 8:28-30 and Article 17 of the 39 Articles of Religion.

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