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Speak Human – Sharing the Gospel With Your Friends | FITC58

The number one problem when sharing our faith in Jesus with friends is the words we use. Most well-intended presentations of the Gospel are laden in “churchy” words no one understands. The net effect of it all, we sound weird. In fact, we probably feel weird when we say it. That’s why it is vital for Christians to learn how to speak “human.”
In this final message of the series “Ambassador: Carrying the Gospel” Pastor Jonathan teaches a basic way to share your faith with your friends. Getting the words right is not important. In fact, using the wrong words can be frustrating for both you and the person you want to share your story. What you need is a framework to think about the story instead of the right words.

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Share your faith. Does that phrase frighten you? Most Evangelicals know that part of the Christian life is the call to share our faith. But most of us do not try. That’s partly due to the development of comfort zones, designed to make relationships work. Comfort Zones are fine so long as they are healthy. But they can become limitations if never challenged.