Common Questions


We believe that God’s saving power is good news (or gospel) for the world.

Bible based

We believe in the unique authority of Holy Scripture, as God’s Word written.



We affirm our classic anglican heritage expressed in the historic prayer book, confession, and creeds.

Mission Focused

We desire to know God and make Him known to the world.

We Believe

Redeemer Anglican Church is a Gospel-centered parish in the Evangelical and Reformed traditions. To learn more about our beliefs, we invite you to click on the boxes to discover what makes Redeemer unique.

What is Anglican?

Anglicanism is one of Christendom’s oldest expressions in history. It originated sometime in the 2nd century AD by Christians who carried their beliefs with them to the British Isles. Christianity eventually dominated the British Isles and is known today as Celtic Christianity.

During the Middle Ages, Celtic Christians merged with the Roman Church and incorporated the liturgical and theological practices of Rome. After many centuries, the English Church broke from the Roman Church and underwent major reforms. This period of time became known as the English Reformation and since then, has been the dominate Christian influence in the English speaking world. Major reforms of the English Reformation included the publication of the 39 Articles and the Book of Common Prayer, which are the foundations of English Christian Theology.  While maintaining its essential catholicity, the English Church purged erroneous teachings that had crept into the church and returned to the primary authority of Holy Scripture.

What does Gospel-Centered mean?

The word gospel simply means “good news!” And the good news is that God desires a relationship with human beings as revealed in the person and work of Jesus Christ. However, like all forms of Christianity, the tendency of the church to stray from the core focus of this good news and start making other matters more important is a constant force that must be guarded against. By self-describing as “gospel-centered” we are proclaiming to Orlando that our mission to make sharing this good news with the city is our priority.

Why do you call yourselves reformed?

The word “reformed” refers to the unique time during the English reformation where Christians understood that “faith alone” was the only requirement for forgiveness in Jesus Christ. We believe that the only way to obtain forgiveness for our sins is to put our trust and hope (our faith) in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of the world, and apart from this faith, we can do nothing to earn our salvation. Faith alone is our only hope in salvation. Faith is the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives that enables us to cultivate this deep reality in our hearts and lives.

Why do you call yourselves evangelical?

We believe that the Holy Scripture mediates Jesus Christ’s authority in this world and therefore there is no higher authority but Scripture alone. This has been the hallmark belief of evangelicals both past and present. And in order to understand scripture, we need the active work of the Holy Spirit to bring to life God’s ancient word and empower us to live out and apply its teaching in our lives. Further, the Holy Spirit empowers us with unique gifts given to the church to enrich and equip the church for works of service and to minister to us through a deep and personal relationship with God the Father.

Are you catholic?

We believe in the “catholicity” of the church. The word catholic simply means universal and refers to the entire the church both past and present.  To be catholic is to affirm the historic faith past down to us through the millennium by those who have gone before us. So we are connected both past and present to all Christians, which the bible called the ecclesia or church. This is best summarized in the ancient creedal formulations, The Apostles and Nicene Creeds.

There have always been two signs given to the church from Jesus Christ, baptism and communion.  In addition to baptism and communion, we also affirm the church’s authority structure that we believe is best represented by three offices of the church: deacon, priest, and bishop.

How can I learn more?

Each year Redeemer host special classes on Classic Anglicanism.  Check back to this website for course offerings and schedule.



Our Partners




An Network of Gospel-Centered Churches

The Network is committed to developing churches that offer a fresh and authentic expression of Christianity for the 21st century. 

Convocation of Anglicans in North America

Convocation of Anglicans in North America

CANA East Diocese

Redeemer is a member of the CANA East diocese. 




The GAFCON movement is a global family of authentic Anglicans standing together to retain and restore the Bible to the heart of the Anglican Communion.